How To Get There

Chattrapathi Shivaji International Airport

Visitors to Chemspec India will be flying into Chattrapathi Shivaji International Airport. Situated 35km outside of Mumbai, Chattrapathi Shivaji serves as one of India's busiest international airports handling up to 45 landings and take offs a hour.

As a result of limited shopping opportunities, visitors are recommended to buy all souvenirs prior to leaving for the airport.

Visitors are recommended to set aside several hours, when making their return journey to the airport, even those travelling outside peak times. Most international flights are scheduled at similar, unusual hours, especially night flights, which can result in long queues at check in and customs, international flights, may take up to 3 hours or more.

Visitors on midnight flights should aim to leave Mumbai at least 4 hours ahead of their flight. Visitors travelling on daytime and early evening flights, are recommended to add another hour to contend with the slow-moving traffic.

Please visit the Chattrapathi Shivaji International Airports website for any further information.