Val Organics Pvt. Ltd.

Stand C26D

Exhibiting at: Chemspec

Company Profile

Val Organics Pvt. Ltd.

Val Organics Private Limited is the leader of Friedel Crafts reactions and distillation processes in the country with high quality products and flexibility of the plant to cater to specific customer needs.

Major reactions include Friedel Crafts, Chlorination, Nitration, Reduction and Hydrogenation. With extremely high standards for HSEQ and Process Safety we look forward to a better tomorrow.

We are the largest and only manufacturers of 2,4 Dichloro Acetophenone, 2,4 Dichloro 5 Fluoro Acetophenone, 2,2,4 Trichloro Acetophenone and 4-Hydroxy Acetophenone in India.

Contact Details

Mr. Akshay Chadha
Ground Floor, Chadha Building,
Plot No. 95, Wadala,
Mumbai 400031

Phone: +91 9987 425522

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