Thorat Filtration Pvt. Ltd.

Stand G18A

Exhibiting at: ChemProTech

Company Profile

We are one of the leading manufacturers of filter press in world. First we formally had known as Thorat Enterprises. As our company was on growth we merged our company to Thorat Filtration Pvt. Ltd.

Thorat has built an standing reputation for the highest standard in excellence and recently has been cited as the largest filter press Manufacturer in the process industries.

The primary focus of Thorat is design Engineering & Fabrication which is supported by a host of unparalleled professionals who excel of their respective position in the project.

A continuum of service is established with each and every client as Thorat not only conceptualises each project but fabricates manufacturers and maintains its products this full range of service to the provision of electronic message centre, surveys, permits and storage.  

We believe that constant enhancement of our equipment and computer technology will serve to keep us on the cutting edge in our field advantage that in town directly benefits each and every one of our customers.

At Thorat it is our stead fast belief that we selves are our greatest competition and thereby we all strive to provide the best customer service possible. Our capability for continued success lies with us.

Our Product range:-
- Filter Press
- Hydraulic Systems
- Filter press Elements
- Cake Collection trolley
- S.S., M.S.& P.P. FRP Tank
- Structural Work
- Pipeline Fabrication     

Contact Details

Mr Sandeep Thorat
Office No. 12, 3rd Floor, “A” Building
Gami Industrial Park, TTC Industrial Area, Pawane MIDC
Navi Mumbai, 400 705

Phone: +91 222 087 4011

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