Shandong Fusite Oil Technology Co., Ltd.

Stand E17B

Exhibiting at: Chemspec

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Shandong Fusite Oil Technology Co., Ltd.

Mainly products are fattyalkyl dimethyl tertiary amines(DMA12,DMA12/14,DMA18/16 etc), Dimethyl aminopropyl amine, quaternary ammonium salts(DTAC,CTAC,OTAC etc),betaine,oxide amine etc        Our factory is a high-tech chemical enterprise engaged in research, development, production and trade of organic amines and surfactants. The company's annual design capacity of organic amine products is 150,000 tons, which is widely used in daily chemicals, polyurethane catalyst, epoxy resin curing agent, ion exchange resin, petroleum industry, construction paper, plastic processing, textile printing and dyeing and other fields. The company has an experienced production and R&D team, first-class quality management system, has become the main supplier of industrial organic amine products at home and abroad, products are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other countries.                 

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High-Tech Industrial Park, Economic Development Zone, Boxing , Shandong, 256500.


Phone: 0086-543-2261088

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