F2 Chemicals Ltd.

Stand D22

Exhibiting at: Chemspec

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F2 Chemicals Ltd.

F2 Chemicals Ltd. is a UK based manufacturer of Fluorine, we use the fluorine to manufacture a range of Perfluorocarbon liquids and gases, which due to their unique properties perform many different functions across a wide range of applications including, amongst others, medical, cosmetic, electronics and tracing and tagging for the energy industry. In addition to the manufacture of perfluorocarbon fluids, F2 Chemicals Ltd. also have Selective Direct Fluorination Technology,which is a fluorination method that enables the selective addition of a fluorine molecule to a variety of compounds, this technology works particularly well to produce fluorinated ketoesters and SF5 derivatives for use as pharmaceutical Intermediates.  We also provide contract R & D services where expertise handling fluorine is required.

Contact Details

Helen McNamee
Lea Lane, Lea Town
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1772 775804

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