Eastern Petroleum Pvt. Ltd.

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Just a short reminder  introduction: We take pleasure in introducing ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers of cosmetic / pharmaceutical grade Petroleum Jelly (Petrolatum, White Soft Paraffin), Liquid Paraffins / Mineral Oils, White Oils, Beeswax and Emulsifying Wax since past 50 years based in Mumbai, India.  We also manufacture De-aromatized Paraffinic distillates, Naphthenic Oils, Cylinder Oils, Process Oils, Petroleum Sulfonates, Automotive and Industrial Lubricants and Greases, manufactured at our PANVEL FACTORY site of sister concern, EASTERN PETROLEUM Pvt. Ltd. 

Accordingly, given the fact that we manufacture several raw materials as well as finished lubes, we recommend the following, along with relevant PDS 

1. Hard Prafin Wax - normally used for POLISHES, where water repent properties are required.

2. Micro-Crystalline Wax - Lustrous & Shine / Gloss enhancing wax, - used for Car care, dash board cleaner & upholstery products.

3. Bees Wax - Natural Emollient suitable for high gloss coatings - expensive product  

4. Emulsifying Wax - Non-Ionic/ Anionic - Used for water in oil / oil- in water emulsions to form soapy base - but more widely used in COSMETIC APPLICATIONS 

5. Petroleum Jelly - Substrate for all engineering products & cosmetics like VASELINE 

6. De-Aromatized Solvents - EASTTOMAX_80/ 95/110 & 130 - varying Boiling range & slower evaporating solvents

7. EASTTOBAN - 40 - LOW AROMATIC low flash faster evaporating carrier solvent for cleaners/ degreases, paints etc 

Other than these we manufacture various grade of low to high viscosity Process Oils, White Mineral Oils - Both Commercial as well as PHARMA - high purity grade, Sodium / Calcium Petroleum Sulphonates ( used as additives for improving corrosion protection & detergent dispercancy properties , Naphthenic Oils( Low pour point for wider temperature applicability , Greases as well as De-Aromatized wider boiling range solvents / DOK’s - EASTTOMAX-80/ 95/ 110/ 130 .   Regulatory compliances available with us , a s ,manufactured by UNICORN or its sister concern, EASTERN PETROLEUM PVT. LTD, PANVEL , Also find enclosed the full company product catalogue for your ready reference.

Our esteemed clientile of 50 Years including major MNC Pharma, Healthcare, FMCG, Cosmetic & Specialty Chemical Companies speaks volumes about the Time-tested quality, consistency & compatibility of our products in varied FORMULATIONS. Our products have also find widespread acceptance in the U.S., European, African, Middle East & Far East Markets. Should you require any more clarifications or information on our other products, please do not hesitate to contact us & visit our website & 

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Phone: 42324147/7710004196.

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