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DB Polyplast

We at DB Polyplast are engaged in manufacturing of Packaging Vents, Vented Caps and Plugs and Wads for the containers ranging from 50ml to 1500Ltr (IBC). Our vented products are widely used in agrochemicals, industrial cleaners, peroxides, disinfectants, etc.

Chemical containers need proper ventilation to equalize the pressure between the environment and the container so that they can breathe. Unventilated containers could bulge, sometimes causing it to burst or it could collapse. In either situation, it could cause the container to leak. This could also have a negative impact on the image of the brand, ultimately denting the customer relations and profits of the company, and adding to the expenses.

Our vented products reduce these risks by equalizing the pressure inside the container, giving the container more breathability. This ensures that gas/air is allowed to pass while liquids do not seep outside of the container.

Benefits of using packaging vents:

  • Consistently high airflow.
  • Excellent liquid retention.
  • Easy installation.
  • Continue to vent despite exposure to liquids containing organics, surfactants, oils and solvent-based products.
  • Prevents bloating, collapsing, or deforming of containers.

Apart from Vented Products we also manufacture bottles, Carboys accessories, plastic molded components, etc.

Contact Details

Devendrasingh Choudhary
Office No. 1, Near Skyline Business Park,
Asanpada Road, Marolnaka, Andheri-East,
Mumbai-400059, Maharashtra

Phone: +91 9029129440

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