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Dangerous Goods Management India Pvt. Ltd.

Dangerous goods are substances or articles which when transported can cause risk to human life, property or environment. Transport of such goods is therefore governed by international laws which determine how they need to be transported to ensure safety all around. Handling and management of dangerous goods being transported by sea or air requires understanding not only of the inherent dangers the product can cause when being transported by particular mode, but also applying the relevant regulation for safe transport of such products across various modes of transport. International regulation such as IMO’s IMDG code and ICAO’s Technical Instruction for Safe transport of Dangerous goods requires that anyone involved in the transport of dangerous goods should be thoroughly trained in aspects of the regulation. It thus takes an expert to untie the knots and understand the intricacy of international regulation for transport of dangerous goods.

The DGM India organization is one such agency which provides One-stop logistics solution for the movement of your packaged dangerous goods from plant to final destination. Our service includes

• Freight forwarding
• Dangerous goods Regulation Compliance service including packing, marking, labelling and documentation for air and ocean freight
• Supply of packaging material and Dangerous goods regulation publications
• Training in the Regulation for Transport of Dangerous goods by air and or sea
• Consulting and audit service related to dangerous goods regulation and compliance

DGM India is part of the DGM World, a global organization with presence in more than 22 countries

The way to be safe is never to be secure, so said Benjamin Franklin. 

With increasing incident related to dangerous goods, governments across the world are increasing scrutiny of the way shippers and forwarders are shipping their dangerous goods. Penalty for non compliance is very severe. And with increasing social media presence which spreads the bad news much faster than anything seen before, organizations tend to lose heavily their brand reputation, should any non compliance lead to an incident causing damage to property and environment or injury to human beings.

Don't take the risk. At DGM we work for mitigating the risk of our customer in the most effective and transparent manner and in full compliance with the National and International regulation. A highly trained team with a strong reputation, compliance history, safety rating, experience in HazMat management, responsive and reliable at every stage, provides you with the comfort of knowing your haz cargo is in safe hands. 

Mission statement
It is our mission to offer defect-free services, and with a competitive pricing to superiors and to our partners we aim at being the most reliable hazardous goods’ service provider group in the business, with a pro-active and people driven, dedicated approach to serving our customers.

While we are proficient in offering hazardous goods’ services, we will not satisfy ourselves by just doing that.

We will also strive to bring people together to promote trade, and to be committed advisors to our customers, to our partners and to the authorities.

We are an inventive and active group of motivated people and we aim at only co-operating with the most reputable organizations in our industry. Our expansion will be controlled, and directed in such a way as to protect our obligation to offer quality and a seamless continuity of services.

Success is not a right…
Success must be gained and can only be maintained through constant, dedicated and innovative efforts, and through ongoing investment in human resources and in perfecting systems.

Our Values 

Our core values are essential for our business. They guide us in our dealing with all our stakeholders including our customers. These core values are:
 Knowledge: We promote developing and sharing our high technical and regulatory knowledge across the business
 Compliance: We ensure adherence to Regulations, Standards and Stakeholder’s requirements on a day to day basis.
 Leadership: We work focussed on continuous improvement of safety therewith offering the highest quality services and products.
 Solutions: We are committed to delivering dedicated solutions to every challenge of our customers. 

DGM companies across the world adhere to a common high level quality and safety standards in order to guarantee excellence in both products and services. The adherence to these standards is assessed internally every year by our global corporate office of DGM World.
Besides adhering to these standards, DGM India has also been certified under ISO 9001:2015; ISO14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 by QS Zurich AG.

DGM India is an associate member of Indian Chemical Council

Contact Details

Radharamanan Panicker
Unit 22, Building 3B, Rahul Mittal Industrial Estate,
Andheri Kurla Road, Marol, Andheri East,
Mumbai 400059

Phone: +91 22 28507908/ 7045979086/ 7042674312

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