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Dangerous Goods Management India Pvt. Ltd.

Taking the Danger out of Dangerous Goods, the DGM way

Dangerous goods are substances or articles which when transported can cause risk to human life, property or environment. Transport of such goods is therefore governed by international laws which determine how they need to be transported to ensure safety all around. Handling and management of dangerous goods being transported by sea or air requires understanding not only of the inherent dangers the product can cause when being transported by particular mode, but also applying the relevant regulation for safe transport of such products across various modes of transport.

It thus takes an expert to untie the knots and understand the intricacy of international regulation for transport of dangerous goods

DGM India (Dangerous Goods Management India Pvt Ltd) is a dedicated and focussed organization which provides

  • Freight forwarding
  • Packing, marking, labelling and documentation
  • Supply of packaging material
    • Training in the Regulation for Transport of Dangerous goods by air and or sea


A highly trained team with a strong reputation, compliance history, safety rating, experience in HazMat management, responsive and thorough at every stage, provides you the comfort of knowing your cargo is in safe hands.


We provide both onsite and offsite services for ensuring compliance of the International Dangerous goods regulation when transporting your dangerous goods.



Our Core Values:


Our core values are essential for our business when dealing with all our stakeholders including our customers.

  • Knowledge: We promote developing and sharing our high technical and regulatory knowledge across the business
  • Compliance: We ensure adherence to Regulations, Standards and Stakeholder’s requirements on day to day basis.
  • Leadership: We work focussed on continuous improvement of safety therewith offering the highest quality services and products.
  • Solutions: We are committed to delivering dedicated solutions to every challenge of our customers.

Our Key Policies:

DGM India’s operations is guided by the following policy initiatives:-

Ø  Ethical Policy: The ethical Code of conduct ensures transparency and honestly in our dealing.

Ø  Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Policy: DGM companies in the DGM global network adhere to an annually audited Quality, Safety and Environment standards in order to guarantee excellence in both products and services. This policy meets the requirements of QS Zurich AG ISO 9001:2015; ISO14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007. This ensures that we enforce a zero tolerance to practices deemed as legally unsafe or litigiously compromising towards the company 

Partnership and Membership

  • Associate Member of Indian Chemical Council
  • IATA’s Strategic partner
  • IATA’s Sales partner




  • Freight Forwarding:
  • Compliance Services
  • Value added services
  • Other Services
    • Handling and Warehousing

Shipping dangerous goods is not easy. Complex and intimidating regulations such as IMDG code and IATA DGR, constantly changing requirement by carriers and shipping lines coupled with a world of heightened security environments, shipping dangerous goods has become a minefield of complicated regulations and restrictions. This requires an expert to untie the knots and strategically plan the most efficient transport routes for all your consignments. DGM’s freight forwarding services is geared towards providing you with the most efficient but safe and compliant transportation of your dangerous goods. Whether it is ocean or air our team will ensure smooth and uninterrupted flow of your precious cargo throughout the supply chain.


Be it Air Freight or Ocean Freight; Door to Door or Port to Port; International or Domestic DGM and its partner will ensure that your cargo is handled and transported with care and diligence to any part of the world.



Our backend team will ensure that your dangerous goods shipment is packaged in accordance with the requirement of the Regulation and then marked and labelled appropriately.


We select the most appropriate package that best meets the requirement.


Our documentation team will ensure that all the necessary documentation including the Shipper’s declaration is prepared correctly. What’s more we undertake to sign the shipper’s declaration for you provided you authorize us for the same.

Our compliance service doesn’t end there. We coordinate with the airlines and the shipping lines in respect of the documentation and pre-clearance so that there is no time lost when the actual shipment is taken to the airport or port for transportation.


Our deep knowledge of various classes of Dangerous Goods be it Radioactive, Explosive, Chemicals or Gases allows us to offer effective, efficient and customized solution to small and large business for transportations of their Dangerous Goods.

We serve all major industries and can and have handled even the most restricted dangerous consignments.

Our strict value and ethical codes and complete adhere to the international and national regulation ensures that while fulfilling our customer’s requirements, we don’t expose them to potentially litigious situations. We see it as our responsibility to ensure that public safety and the environment are always considered whilst offering a superior, quality service to our clients.


What sets us apart is our total Focus and Commitment to taking the danger out of dangerous goods by strict compliance to the national and international regulation.


  • DGM also arranges ADR or IMDG paperwork for dangerous goods which are shipped as air cargo, but are carried by road on airline air waybills, or which must connect to ferry services (IATA / ICAO rules, versus ADR road, versus the IMO / IMDG maritime rules & regulations).
  • Onsite Processing of Dangerous Goods shipment for transport by air or sea
    • Can undertake onsite activities like packing, marking, labelling and documentation as required under the appropriate regulation
    • Supply of packaging material onsite
    • Short term storage of goods primarily for air shipments
    • Handling including palletization
    • Supervision and handling of loading of sea containers and placarding (including providing standard UN specification placards of appropriate sizes)
    • Long term storage and handling of chemicals in dedicated manner for any shipper
    • Provide risk assessments and hazard analysis according to health, safety and hazardous materials regulations & and customers’ requirements. This includes but not restricted to
      • DG Management Systems Implementation
      • SQAS (Safety and Quality Assessment Systems)
      • Hazard Risk Assessment
      • (M) SDS: (Material) Safety Data Sheet
      • Storage of Chemical Products
      • Emergency Response
    • Provide advise on transportation compliance in accordance with International and National regulation such as IATA DGR,IMDG code, Aircraft (Carriage of Dangerous Goods)Rules 2003, Merchant Shipping (Carriage of Cargo) Rules 1995 for forwarding the DG shipment
  • Sales of Labels and Placards (made as per UN Specifications
    • Hazard labels for all classes for labelling of Dangerous Goods Packages
    • Hazard Placards for all classes for placarding of containers carrying dangerous goods
  • Sales of Publications in area of Dangerous Goods regulation
    • IATA DGR
    • IMDG Code
    • UN Orange Book
    • ICAO Technical Instructions
    • Other publications related to Air cargo by IATA




  • Consultancy and Audit Services
  • Audit
    • Comprehensive audit of any chemical warehouse, handling and transportation process
  • Training and Development
  • Consultancy
  • DG Handling Software
    • Called DG Office, the comprehensive but quick reference software takes the sting out of moving hazardous goods for shippers, air carriers, freight agents, distributors and logistics specialists and is currently available as PC or web based application.
    • The application is regularly updated in accordance with the changes happening in the Regulation and has modules for ICAO-IATA, ADR, IMO/IMDG and RID. The software includes modules for
      • Shippers’ Declarations
      • Material safety Data sheet MSDS
      • Placards
      • Road transport documents
      • NOTOC
      • All required hazard labels
      • Emergency and first aid procedure
    • This software is now being used by FEDEX across all their network station establishing the credentials of this software

Risk Cover

All risk related activities such as packing, marking, labelling and documentation are covered by DGM’s corporate insurance coverage of Euro 17.5million thus providing extra safety net to the clients and assurance of quality of service by DGM as we are audited by the insurance company.


Ø  Products and Publications sale:




Note: DGM is authorized General Sales agents for sale of all IATA publications


Handling and management of dangerous goods being transported by  sea or air requires understanding not only of the inherent dangers the product can cause when being transported by particular mode, but also applying the relevant regulation for safe transport of such products across various modes of transport.

Transport of such goods is therefore governed by international laws such as IMO’s IMDG code and ICAO’s Technical Instruction for Safe transport of Dangerous goods specify how such goods must be transported to ensure safety all around. These sets of laws are collectively called the Regulation. The fundamental principle of the Regulation is that Dangerous goods can be safely transported provided they are classified and identified correctly, packed appropriately using tested package, marked, labelled and documented properly. To understand the Regulation properly, it is important that training is imparted to staff handling dangerous goods.


DGM group is a world leader imparting Dangerous goods Regulation training

  • Air, Sea and road mode, with training conducted in more than 12 languages
  • Global presence with offices in the 25 countries
  • IATA’s Strategic partner for conducting dangerous goods worldwide.
  • Promoting professionalism and high level of excellence, the group has established strict standard for training of trainers who will impact training under the DGM brand name


DGM India Academy of Logistics

Established as the training division of Dangerous Goods Management India Pvt Ltd to impart Dangerous Goods by air training, it has gone from strength to strength on back of our customer’s support and encouragement. It received approval from Director General of Civil Aviation, Government of India in 2007 and simultaneously received its accreditation as IATA Authorized Training school.

In 2010, it conducted the first in-house course on the Regulation for Transport of Dangerous goods by sea (IMDG Code) for a client. In 2014, it conducted the first public course in IMDG of 4 days when it moved into its own facility at Andheri East, Mumbai.

The Academy has so far conducted more than 117 IATA DGR courses for Category 1, 3 and 6 (Shippers, forwarders and airline staff) training more than 1200 personnel, besides other DGR courses for personnel involved in air cargo handling, freight forwarding activities and air cargo security. Similarly it has also conducted more than 21 IMDG code course training more than 200 personnel making them compliant in terms of the training requirement for on-shore personnel involved in transporting dangerous goods by sea.

Some of our satisfied clients who have benefitted from our training

  • Praxair, Lanxess, Praxair, John Deere, G.E. Power, Intas Pharmaceutical, Google, IPCA Lab, Atul, Mission Pharma, Cytex, Shelf Drilling- All Shippers of dangerous goods
  • BDP Global, Damco, Agility, Panalpina, Delivery and many more other logistics companies.


All this make the Academy the premier Institute for imparting dangerous goods regulation training in India.


DGM Academy offers courses under two Categories:

  • Dangerous Goods Regulation Courses
    • The Flagship course – Full Regulation course on Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air- IATA DGR Initial and Recurrent for CAT 1/3/6
      • This is offered as IATA Authorized Training School
    • Other Regulation courses for Transport of Dangerous goods by Air for packers, Forwarders operations staff, Ground handling agent operations staff and airline warehouse management staff, Airport/airline security agents- 1 to 2 days
  • Logistics courses

Under this Category the Academy offers the following courses

The above courses are approved by Director General of Civil aviation, Government of India.

  • Regulation on Transport of Dangerous Goods by Sea- IMDG Code
  • Regulation on Transport of Dangerous Goods by road


  • Some of the Courses offered as IATA’s Authorized Training Center
    • IATA Cargo introductory course
    • IATA Air cargo advance rating and marketing
    • IATA Time and Temperature sensitive handling course
    • Cargo and supply chain management course
  • The key aspects of these courses are:-
    • Enable new graduates to be ready for beginning their career in the air cargo industry or upgrade the skills of existing staff in logistics industry to move up the ladder.
    • The courses are flexible in that it can be done offline or online but in both the cases, the Academy provides classroom support to help them navigate through the course easily.
    • The material are provided by IATA and the exams are also organized by IATA on regular basis



Contact Details

Arunachalam N.
Unit 22, Building 3B, Rahul Mittal Industrial Estate,
Andheri Kurla Road, Marol, Andheri East,
Mumbai 400059

Phone: +91 22 28507908/ 7045979086/ 7042674312

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