Chongqing BoZhang Sheng Sheng International Trade Co.,Ltd

Stand G11B

Exhibiting at: ChemProTech

Company Profile

Chongqing BoZhang is the largest manufacturer of Caustic Soda Concentration and Flaking System in China since 1992. Over the past 25 years, more than 20 plants have been designed and built in China and abroad as well, using the technology of Bozhang company, by very efficient, competent and experienced engineers’skilled supervisors and workers. They have given years of continuous problem-free operation and will continue to do so.We have always put great importance on the quality of our work.

Our main products are caustic soda concentration and flaking system plant, flaker, concentrator(falling film tube and falling film evaporator), molten salt pump.

We are ISO certified company, successfully maintaining ISO 9001 and 14001 certification , OHSAS 18001 Environment, Health and Safety Management. The quality control and assurance system is well organized and assures the customer satisfaction.


Contact Details

Li Xing
An kang Road No.2 block 1 21-20 ShaPingba Dist. Chongqing,China

Phone: 86-13062396788

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