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ChemStride is Global Marketing and Sourcing Chemical Company, based in Mumbai, India. We offer high quality Industrial Chemicals from our reputed Foreign Principal for direct Imports. Our Principals are based in Taiwan, Korea, China, Europe, Russia, UAE & other part of World. ChemStride is blessed with high quality asset of its young and dynamic Team of Professionals led by experienced and visionary Mr. Darshak Dhami. We connect our supplier and customer to smoothly for win-win long term relationship. 

Benefits to Customer:

  1.  Superior Quality products at competitive prices from reputed source with best after sales services is the Mantra. 
  2.  Focused approach brings in valuable knowledge about the Trends, which helps us to guide the customer about their purchase plan. 
  3.  It is a customer focused Co. and ever friendly service wins the customer heart. 

Benefits to our Suppliers: 

 Strong relationship with varied Industries of customer opens up market quickly for foreign suppliers. 

 Deep understanding of markets and requirements with vast geographical reach makes the things easier to reach out.  Timely market intelligence and understanding of various Govt. departments compliance, makes the business smoother for long term.

Contact Details

Darshak Dhami
Nilam Nagar No. 6, Suite E 801
Mulund East, Mumbai 400081

Phone: +91 98 9223 2600

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