Changzhou Domlong Chemical Co., Ltd.

Stand E24A

Exhibiting at: Chemspec

Company Profile

Changzhou Domlong Chemical Co., Ltd.

Changzhou Domlong Chemical Co.,Ltd. is an innovative manufacturer of textile auxiliaries and finishing chemicals, which located in Changzhou Science & Education Town. Fueled and fired by creativity, DOMLONG constantly develops new products and technologies in its domain.  As a specialized manufacturer of finishing softeners, DOMLONG is providing raw material-grade and high-concentration block silicone oil, multifunctional finishing agents and other textile chemicals. We are one of the leading textile silicone softener manufacturers in the industry of specialty chemicals that deal directly with the production of yarn and fabric.PRODUCT:High efficient oil-removing agent, scouring agent, oil-remove and levelling agent (4 in 1), hydrophilic and hydrophobic silicone oil     

Contact Details

Room 2103-2104, Building 2A, R&D HUB, Science And Education Town, Changzhou, Jiangsu

Phone: 0086-519-6965-1119

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