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Belami Fine Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

                                                                                                Striving to Excel Beyond Excellence


We, at BELAMI FINE CHEMICALS PVT LTD, strive to evolve as a global manufacturer-supplier of high performance Gemini surfactants under  brand and a wide array of Coating additives under . This has only been possible due to constant and persistent research into identifying emerging chemistries to upgrade our customers to. At BELAMI, innovation is a ritual.   

As new technologies of renewable energy to save our environment emerge, we see a paradigm shift away from solvent-borne chemistries towards solvent-free/ water-based ones.  is in sync with this transition to water-based systems.  

While our surfactants do help you solve formulation challenges, it is our technical support that makes it a pleasant and interactive experience. Our customers’ satisfaction in using our surfactants means our efforts have paid-off . From ideas to finished products, our team can help you develop products, solve difficulties and eventually expand your business.

 surfactants are the Star-performers among wetting agents, antifoams, grinding aids and dispersing agents available in the world today, particularly our vast range of defoamers that cater to virtually any process in any chemical-processing industry where occurrence of foams is a regular feature but needs to be tackled efficiently and that is where our products are comparable with the best global brands.

BELAMI’s Gemini Surfactants and  Performance Additives are widely used in industries and applications such as in paints, coatings, inks, adhesives, metalworking fluids, building &construction etc. We endeavour to develop innovative and purposeful surfactant chemistries that will significantly reduce formulation challenges facing our customers.

STRATASURFGemini Surfactants are star-performers across categories such as wetting aids, antifoams, grind aids and dispersing aids available in the world today. We have enhanced the application and use of the most potent acetylenic diol molecules and have presented to you a comprehensive line of additives.

For a detailed insight into our industry-wise product offering, please visit our website and 


Contact Details

Parag Jhaveri
29, 2nd floor, Gopal Bhawan,
199, Princess Street,
Mumbai 400002

Phone: +919892642552

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